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                Standard Letting Charges



 Main Hall &          Up To 6pm    £29.75

  Rec Room            After 6pm     £52.25


Main Hall Only       Up To 6pm   £21.45

                                 After 6pm   £ 29.85


Rec Room Only       Up To 6pm   £14.95                                              After 6pm  £23.85



                    PLEASE NOTE.

The cut off point for events, especially when accompanied by music is midnight.


Discount Rates For Village



Main Hall &            Up to 6pm   £19.75       Rec Room      After 6pm      £34.80


Main Hall Only   Up To 6pm   £14.30

                              After 6pm   £20.00


Rec Room Only    Up To 6pm   £10.10

                              After 6pm   £15.90



To qualify for the discount rates, your organisation must be for the sole benefit of Addingham and its residents.







                          Hire Charges


All rates are Hourly charges.


There is no additional charge for preparation & clearing up time.


A £15 charge may be applied, for use of kitchen, when booking the main hall only and kitchen facilities are requested.


A deposit will be requested for certain types of events, please enquire for amount.


There is a small  annual increase every April.







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